Transcript data from "Functional genomics with a comprehensive library of transposon mutants for the sulfate-reducing bacterium Desulfovibrio alaskensis G20"

This page includes downloads for viewing transcript data from D. alaskensis G20, a table of potential transcript starts (TSS), and R source code for inferring high-confidence TSS.

Viewing Transcript Data in Artemis

You can download a zip file here (37 MB). You should start by opening the genbank file and then use Graph / Add User Plot to add the art files, which including tiling data for rich and minimal media (richnorm3, minnorm3) and the 5' RNASeq data.


Potential Transcript Starts

See (tab-delimited file, 14,706 data rows).

Every local peak in the 5' RNASeq data with at least 50 reads and in a non-redundant part of the genome is included. The fields are:

R source code and image

Links to GEO

Page by Morgan Price, April 2014